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Saved by ArcoJedi
on June 28, 2010 at 2:22:01 am

Welcome to the Arconati Family Tree Wiki!

This is a shared project that YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO!  If your last name is Arconati, and you live in the United States, you should be included.  Our history and genealogy is important and your story is an important part.


More About Me

My name is James A. Arconati, also known commonly on the Internet as ArcoJedi. This site is a Wiki site which we use to share and update family tree information.  You can request access at any time and that request will be sent to me.   


Standard Format

I am suggesting the following draft for a standard format for each person's page.  If you want to add a new entry, you would COPY/PASTE the blank format and fill in everything that you know, leaving the rest for someone else to improve upon.  

  • Full Name
    • Prefix 
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
    • Suffix 
  • Birth (YYYY-MM-DD T00:00:00)
    • Location (linked offsite to map) 
  • Death (YYYY-MM-DD T00:00:00)
    • Location (linked offsite to map)
  • Parents, including step-family if necessary (linked to entry)
  • Sibling, including step-family if necessary (linked to entry)
  • Marriage(s) (YYYY-MM-DD T00:00:00)
    • Location (linked offsite to map)
  • Children (linked to entry)
  • History (text, linked offsite to sources if possible)
  • Notes (text, linked offsite to sources if possible)
  • Residences
    • Previous Address (linked offsite to map)
    • Current Address (linked offsite to map)



Interesting Fact About This Site

When you save changes to a page or entry, your revision and the previous version are both saved.  All changes are (theoretically) undo-able.  

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