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Hollman Family


The immediate Hollman Family is related to the Arconati Family by marriage. Lois Arconati (nee Knepper) is younger sister to Jeanette Hollman (nee Knepper). Jeanette is married to Arthur Hollman. Jeanette and Arthur have two daughters; Christine Hollman and Katherine Pallarito (nee Hollman).


2006-06-28 - Jeanette Hollman was a recently published author!


----- Original Message -----

From: Jeanette Hollman

To: Lois Arconati

Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 11:12 AM

Subject: I am getting published!!


Great news! My short story, "A Trunk Full of Memories," is a runner-up in a wirting contest. It is on their website now and will be published in an anthology of winning stories and essays at the end of the year. The company is Joyous Publishing Company and their website is:



My story is the second runner-up on:



I get no money as a runner-up and no royalities on the book, but it is the first fiction piece I will have had published.


Also, I will have a nonfiction piece published in the Oct/Nov/Dec/ issue of The Storyteller, another non-paying magazine. And I also won honorable mention in Byline magazine for a contest I entered for a filler story. They don't publish the winners or HMs.


Even though I am not earning any money on these, I feel good because at least for now I am getting some recognition and can use these to try getting published in paying publications. I am thrilled!



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